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Welcome to BhashaBharatiArts.com, a professional Indian translation company providing quick and on-time Bodo translation service along with having in-depth knowledge of various Indian markets and cultures.

Bodo Language Facts Bodo is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken by the Bodo people of north-eastern India and Nepal. The language is one of the official languages of the Indian state of Assam, and is one of 22 scheduled languages given a special constitutional status in India.
Total speakers: Around 1.2 million
Writing system: Devanagari script

For over 40 years, we have been successfully helping many global companies to reach the wide and diverse Indian market and local companies to go offshore.

Bodo is one of our 17 core Indian languages. And with our team of highly skilled native Bodo translators and in-house web and DTP experts, we can assure you to deliver complete Bodo translation services for all your needs.

English to Bodo translation
Our English to Bodo translation is carried by linguist whose native language is Bodo and has expertise for the required subject. Our translators are well-updated and stay abreast of the current industry trends and cultural developments.

Bodo to English translation
Only translators whose native language is English and has good command over Bodo performs our Bodo to English translations.

Unicode Bodo Translation
We provide Bodo translation service with Unicode fonts for all kind of digital documents. We also take up TTF (true type fonts) to Unicode font conversion projects for Bodo language.

What is Unicode?
UnicodeĀ® is the standard for digital representation of the characters used in writing all of the world's languages. Unicode provides a uniform means for storing, searching, and interchanging text in any language. It is used by all modern computers and is the foundation for processing text on the Internet. Unicode is developed and maintained by the Unicode Consortium: http://www.unicode.org.

Bodo Website Translations
We have an in-house team of web developers to help our translators deliver Bodo website that is as good as its English version. Our web team keeps itself updated with the latest Internet developments and can handle a wide range of files and technologies. We can also boost your online marketing and promotional activities with our multilingual SEO, SEM, Google Adwords etc

Subjects we get most request for are;

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